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Train with Expert, Veteran staff

Our training programs are crafted and executed by a team of seasoned veterans, each bringing a wealth of real-world experience to the table. Our instructors have served in various branches of the military and law enforcement, honing their skills in high-pressure situations. With a commitment to safety and precision, our expert staff ensures that participants receive top-notch training in both firearms handling and life-saving first aid techniques. Join us in empowering yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate any situation confidently. Your safety is our priority, and our veteran instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.


NC/SC Concealed Carry Class

We offer one of the Charlotte areas most affordable and in depth concealed carry classes around, our class is led by our two NRA/NCDOJ/SLED certified instructors.


Red Cross Training

We offer American Red Cross training and certifications for:
First Aid, CPR, AED, Traumatic Bleed

Our ARC training is led by our certified

ARC Instructor:

Christine Trivette

Simulator Training Instruction

We utilize state of the art training programs, our facility uses the Smokeless Range Simulator paired with S.I.R.T. training pistols and green gas operated recoil enabled pistols/rifles to simulate live fire exercises.

Firearm Cleaning Instruction

During this (1 Hour) instruction we will teach you the proper methods on how to disassemble, clean, reassemble, and care for your firearm with preventative maintenance.


Anthony Trivette

Our lead instructors Anthony and Christine Trivette have over 20 years of firearms training and instruction experience, both Anthony and Christine are NRA/NCDOJ/SLED certified instructors and offer one of the Charlotte areas premier firearms training programs.

**We specialize in basic to advanced courses**
**Private instruction is tailored to each individual student**

"Anthony helped me gain the confidence to daily carry" - Sara

"After taking the ARC training with Christine, I felt more confident in my abilities to react appropriately"